Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight - Fort Street Cycle, Victoria, BC


The owners and staff at Fort Street Cycle (http://www.fortstreetcycle.ca/) in Victoria, BC are passionate about cycling. 

Established in 1992, everyone including head mechanic (Gabor Herner) and all staff are dedicated cyclists.  That means commuting to work by bike as well as participating in cycling events and races.  These guys and gals live and breathe cycling.

Fort Street Cycle is a one stop full service bike shop.  You can buy a bike here (as well as accessories and apparel), get a proper bike fit, follow up service, as well as tune-up and maintenance services. 

They even offer a 3 free service bundle with the purchase of a new bike! 

Your bike purchase does not end when you hand over your credit card -- outstanding customer service continues to be the guiding principle at Fort Street Cycle. 


Run by cyclists, for cyclists, Fort Street Cycle is deeply involved in community events as well as local athlete support and sponsorship.

Fort Street Cycle is open 7 days a week -- come and check them out for awesome personalized service!

Fort Street Cycle
1025 Fort Street
Victoria, BC
V8V 3K5
Phone: 250-384-6665
Fax:  250-384-2898

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight -- SportExcel

“Own the Zone”

SportExcel is a high performance innovator across all sports.  We teach our clients a Six-Step System for success -- a program that blurs the mental and physical realms and generates fast improvement.

What exactly is the SportExcel High Performance System?

The SportExcel High Performance System is revolutionary in the way it gets you results in your game.  It is quite unlike any program you may have experienced.  Most people think of all mental training as psychology.  Wrong.  The SportExcel System bears no resemblance to the assessment-oriented, goal-setting, talk therapy process of psychology.  Instead, you learn and implement a dozen or so very specific tools that continually move you to the level of your best-ever performance, with no need for talking about problems and no need to ever delve into your past.  Absolutely no sharing is necessary (even if you want to) as it slows down the speed of acquiring the skills you need to win.  With the six-step system, you learn to make tangible performance changes in both training and competition after only a few hours of training, as an athlete, coach or organization.

The program's foundation lies in several disciplines:  Human Ecology (the study of systems), NLP (the study of how people learn) and education (keep it simple) and the martial arts (practical sport application.)  However, it is greater than the sum of its parts and has been tested on several fronts by coaches, athletes, high performance directors, as well as sport and business CEOs.  They have used the system to win Olympic, world-class medals, state and provincial competitions, local competitions and collegiate events.  On the CEO side, our clients have achieved greater athletic results, empowerment of the members of their organization and increased funding and enhanced recognition on the world stage.

As a high performance trainer, former national competitor, coach and professional educator, Bob Palmer designed this system to be accessible to all ages, all sports and all levels of skill.  There are no PowerPoint lectures, only experiential exercises that teach empowering tools for immediate results.  Athletes and coaches ask only one thing from him, "Teach me to win."  And that is what he delivers.

"Bob was the first mental coach that I worked with at the beginning of my career.  His methods became some 
of the fundamentals that I used as part of my everyday routine.  The knowledge that I have
learned from him has helped me achieve my ultimate dream."
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Beijing and London -- International Skeet


Transform.  Inspire.  Empower.

How is the training offered?

SportExcel trains athletes in the SportExcel system from anywhere in the world via the Internet on Skype in one-on-one training and through in-person clinics at your location.  In a given day, Bob can be teaching his system via Skype to an Olympic clay-target shooter in Australia, a sailor in California, an Ironman triathlete in Alberta, a heptathlete in Russia, a hockey player in Ontario, a parent and their young triathlete in British Columbia or a snow boarder in New Zealand.  And the next day he is on the plane to clinics in Texas.  Please contact us for a no-charge demonstration of how the SportExcel System can enhance your sport and your life.

Bob Palmer's Book

Bob Palmer's book is available:  "Mind vs Target:  Six Steps to winning in the clay target mind field."  Our multi-sport version of this book will be available soon!

With Bob Palmer's easy-to-read and easy-to-understand, step-by-step system, you learn to eliminate distractions and to stay totally focused.  Although this book specifically addresses clay-target shooters, the SportExcel system is the same and can be applied to all sports!

No matter if you're a world class athlete, a weekend enthusiast, a beginner, a coach or a parent, this book is your handbook to using your very powerful Zone to learn how to win.

           Find out more at http://www.sportexcel.ca/book

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Equinox Health Clinic

Equinox Health Clinic
#110-1034 Johnson St.
Victoria, BC
V8V 3N7

Equinox Health Clinic in Victoria, BC provides professional registered massage therapy (RMT).  They believe that pain free movement is essential for living an active and healthy lifestyle.  Equinox Health Clinic offers the perfect combination of professional service and personalized care.

Lysanne Lavigne, RMT graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therpay in 2007, and is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.  She relocated to Victoria in 2002 while pursuing a National Rowing team career, which brought her three international podium finishes.  She has since continued to lead an incredibly active lifestyle and participates in many different variety of sports for her own pleasure such as running, cycling, swimming, kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding.  She is a certified swim instructor and lifeguard as well as an NCCP certified coach.

Her clinical experience includes working with a broad spectrum of injured athletes, and surgery rehabilitation.  Her primary clinical interest is injury prevention and investigation for the root cause of the problem.  She is currently developing visceral manipulation skills and finishing her Health Science degree and she is continuously upgrading her knowledge to be more suited to her client's needs.

Lysanne offers MRT athletes $10 off a 60 min. massage.

Check out her website at http://www.equinoxhealthclinic.ca/

"Intuitive, knowledgeable and effective" -- Lysanne finds the root of the problem and applies treatment from there.  I have had treatment from many massage therapists and find Lysanne to be the most effective I have come across.  Equinox have been helping me maintain good health since they opened.  ~ RS

"Insightful and beneficial" -- My experience at Equinox Health has been very positive.  I am impressed with Lysanne's ability to quickly zero in on what is impacting my athletic performance and then get right to work on applying the relevant therapies to ease muscle aches and her work towards increasing range of motion.  Lysanne's recommendations for home care are insightful and beneficial.  I would not hesitate to recommend a visit to Equinox Health!  ~ LL

"I would have guessed that she had been an RMT for 50+ years" -- After my first massage with Lysanne I would have guessed that she had been an RMT for 50+ years.  She is a skilled master, and is phenomenally intuitive.  She was pinpointing old injuries that I haven't physically felt in months, even years.  Lysanne is obviously deeply connected to the inner workings of the human body.  Her treatments and follow up recommendations are spot on!  ~ SR

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - TCR Sport Lab

TCR Sport Lab Ltd                                                                    Toll free: 1-877-970-9453        200-1414 Kensington Rd, NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3P9                        Fax: 403-270-9473

TCR SPORT LAB -- Our vision is to Inspire the Athlete within

TCR Sport Lab in Calgary, Alberta is the ultimate headquarters for athletes.

TCR offers everything a cyclist/triathlete could want:
  • Coaching
  • Testing (ie V02 Max, Lactate Threshold, RMR, Body Composition)
  • Computrainer Classes
  • Swim Right Classes
  • Cycling and iron-distance camps
  • Bike fittings and sales
  • Bike tune ups and services
Run by experts, if you have a question about cycling or triathlon, TCR Sport Lab is THE PLACE TO FIND YOUR ANSWER!

Our most popular Triathlete Services are:

The  DFU bike fit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dHE9GnM7LJk

Threshold Lab Testing:  http://www.tcrsportlab.com/content.php?LoadPage=Testing

Computrainer Classes: http://www.tcrsportlab.com/content.php?LoadPage=Programs#granfondo

Swim Right:  http://www.tcrsportlab.com/content.php?LoadPage=MRU#swim

In addition, many triathletes join our Winter 3 hour bricks at MRU.  9am-12pm starting in December through April.  A great way to get in some volume with other like minded folk!

TCR's Swim Right

TCR Sport Lab boasts some of the most professional and experienced coaches in western Canada.  A dedicated TCR swim coach will be on deck, with Lane 1 geared for Beginners and Lanes 3 & 4 intended for Intermediate and Experienced swimmers.  Each workout is geared to build upon the last and optimize your biomechanical efficiency, preparing you for sustainable success.

TCR CompuTrainer Programs

This is the 7th year running of Calgary's original and largest indoor Computrainer Program.  Two, eight person studios are set-up for 20 different classes per week.

TCR's cycling classes use the latest technology, software and feedback reports for all users to benefit and enjoy.  Their dedicated studios are equipped with 25 foot ceilings, excellent fans and motivating music.

Check out http://www.tcrsportlab.com/ for more info!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight -- Team Aquatic Supplies

Team Aquatic Supplies is Canada's largest team dealer with four well-stocked warehouse locations across the country.  Ordering off their website is easy and shipping is fast:   https://www.team-aquatic.com/store/

MRT athletes (and friends and family!) receive a 20% discount!
Use the following login information:

Username:  mrt.triathlon
Password:  mrt.triathlon

Team Aquatic Outlets are in North Vancouver, Calgary, Burlington, Oshawa, Mississauga, and Scarborough.  Swim and Fitness Outlets are in Richmond, Nanaimo, and Kamloops.

Come out to the following outlet locations on September 14, 2013 from 10-4 for the annual BBQ SALE!!!

  • North Vancouver, BC (104-2411 Dollarton Hwy.)

  • Calgary, AB (Phillips Park Mall, D7, 6115 3rd Street SE)

  • Burlington, ON (8-4155 Fairview Street)

  • Mississauga, ON (Swim & Sports Inc., 5484 Tomken Road, Unit 30)

  • Scarborough, ON (11-1085 Bellamy Rd, N)

And if you can’t make it to one of their locations, the Team Aquatic Supplies website is well-stocked and easy to navigate!