Friday, April 13, 2012

3rd Annual Penticton, BC PHAT Camp

Mercury Rising Triathlon is pleased to announce our infamous triathlon camp (affectionately coined PHAT camp for no other reason than because it sounds cool!) will be taking place in Penticton, BC again this year: July 8th - July 15th, 2012.

This camp is open to EVERYONE and ANYONE! You don't have to be an MRT athlete to participate and reap the rewards of a solid block of training!

You can expect an intensive tri camp that focuses on both volume and quality in all three disciplines, all under the careful guidance of our professional coaches. PHAT Camp is also perfect timing for those athletes prepping for Ironman Canada and Calgary 70.3.

The MRT PHAT camp includes:
  • 6.5 days of full-time coached training
  • Ride the Ironman Canada course
  • Run the Ironman Canada course
  • Technical sessions for open water swimming, cycling, and transition practice
  • 7 night accommodation at Spanish Villas on Lakeshore Dr
  • 3 group dinners
  • Talks from coaches

Mercury Rising Triathlon caters to ALL ability levels and race goals. Cost is $1500.

Here is a tentative schedule and what you can expect at the camp:

Sunday - arrive, optional easy SWIM, intro dinner

Monday - am; RUN intervals, noon; BIKE clinic (puncture change and group riding techniques) and easy spin, pm; SWIM

Tuesday - BIKE IMC course, RUN off, group dinner, evening talk

Wednesday - am; BIKE, pm; SWIM hard

Thursday - am; MINI TRIATHLON and transition practice, pm; OFF!

Friday - am; SWIM solid, pm; BIKE hard/hilly, evening talk

Saturday - am; long RUN IMC course, pm; SWIM & optional 30 min RUN, final dinner

Sunday - pack up & leave!

If you have never attended a tri camp before, THIS is the one to attend. There is an amazing team dynamic that forms when people train together: New friendships, new skills, and new fitness all rolled into one. Come for a week of fun with us and earn bragging rights that you survived PHAT CAMP 2012!

Interested? Send us an email for information on how to register:

We look forward to seeing you!

Your coaches,

Carrie, Sara, Clint and Rachel