Thursday, July 26, 2012

PHAT Camp 2012 was a blast!

MRT's annual PHAT camp in Penticton was a great success for all participants!  This year, it ran from July 8 - July 15.

PHAT Campers all stayed in the same motel -- Spanish Villa Resort.  Between us and the Gran Fondo folks, the place was filled with athletes!

For those who arrived a bit earlier, we met for a wetsuit openwater swim on the beach right outside our accommodations.  A nice little swim to shake out the muscles.  After the swim, the camp was kicked off with a "meet and greet" and a delicious locally catered dinner.  Between bites of kale and quinoa, athletes and coaches introduced themselves and got to know each other a bit better.

The next morning, athletes had a choice to either attend a bike skills clinic or climb Apex.  Later on in the afternoon we met on the beach again for 50 minutes of swim starts and exits.  We practised running and dolphin-diving into the water, deep water starts, and swim exits.

Tuesday, athletes had a hard interval run session followed by an easy spin to Tickleberry's and back.  (Everyone was astonished at the size of the "single" cones.  Three gigantic scoops of ice cream -- haha!)  After we returned, we met again on the beach for another open water swim -- this time an hour of solid aerobic swimming.  That evening we met for a talk about Ironman nutrition from Coach Sara.

Wednesday, we rode the Ironman Canada course.  Athletes left at staggered time intervals ensuring that all athletes would finish approximately at the same time.  The day was hot and the riding was awesome!  Support vehicles with water and all kinds of goodies awaited us at various spots along the course.  After the ride we ran a 20 minute brick then gathered around the barbeque food, drinks and good times.

Thursday morning was transition practice.  We practised running from the water to our bikes, riding briefly then dismounting, and running off the bike.  Coaches stood by and took notes and offered advice and tips for the next go around.  The final transition practice saw us all swim out to a platform, climb up the ladder, then jump off -- (this was for the fun of it!) then swim back to shore, strip off our own wetsuits and quickly move through each phase of transition. 

After transition practice Thursday morning.

Friday we did a good, hard open water swim in the morning and then hill reps on McClean Creek road in the afternoon.  That evening Coach Clint led a discussion about what separates athletes and their performances.

Saturday, athletes did a long run on the Ironman course, followed by an easy swim in the afternoon. That evening we had our final dinner at the Dream Cafe followed by some parting words from the coaches and some fun draw prizes from our sponsors!  (HUGE thank you to Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Tri It Multisport, Speed Matrix, and Team Aquatic Supplies for your donations to our camp!!)

Athletes pushed themselves and got to enjoy a solid training block in the Okanagan.