Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Day in Kona for Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising had 3 athletes competing in the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona this year, and all three executed excellent races.

Leading the charge was Michael Vanderhyde who put together a sub-10h finish of 9:58! Fantastic. Michael was followed closely by Jeremy Hopwood, who managed a 10:05 and swears he will return someday for a faster finish!

Jeremy glad to reach the finishline!

And Mercury Coach and athlete Michelle Milot finished in 10:28, a superb time that also made her the 2nd fastest Canadian female!!

Michelle rocks the run course.

We are all extremely proud of these 3 amazing athletes!

The very next day Clint and I (Sara) went out to watch some of our girls compete in the Victoria full and half marathon. It was fun to watch both Tessa P. and Lisa Isley run PBs for the half distance and see Jenna's smiling face as she finished the marathon just 6 weeks after Ironman Canada.

Huge Congrats to everyone!!