Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight -- Speed Theory, Calgary, AB

"SPEEDTHEORY is western Canada's premier road cycling and triathlon destination. We've got the expertise and equipment to help you smash your goals one by one."

Located at 735A 10th Ave SW in Calgary, AB, Speed Theory is loaded with products and staffed by friendly, knowledgable people.  Speed Theory is run by athletes for athletes -- you notice this as soon as you walk in the doors.  

Brightly lit and well-organized, Speed Theory stocks race and training kit, race nutrition as well as bikes, pedals, shoes and helmets.  Wandering around, it's easy to start filling a basket with goodies -- a lot of "Oh yeah, I forgot I need some of this!" goes through your head.  Speed Theory brings in new products as well -- if you have any questions about ANYTHING, the Speed Theory peeps are there armed with answers and lots of information! 

In fact, I recommend striking up a conversation with staff as there is always some new product or training tidbit, race information, or other bit of information that I never would have heard about otherwise.  These guys are tapped into the pulse of triathlon and cycling!

The mechanical shop in the back is "open for all to see."  The bike mechanics (like everyone else at Speed Theory) are super friendly and communicative.  I've taken my bike in more than once, inundating the mechanic with numerous questions -- at Speed Theory, everyone is passionate about sport and this passion shines through with outstanding customer service. 

During one particular visit, I asked the bike mechanic to teach me how to easily remove my pedals when I pack my bike up.  He demonstrated a couple of tricks, and then got me to physically repeat the process -- ensuring I had fully understood.  The patience and respect with which I have been treated at Speed Theory always leaves me with a feeling of empowerment.  

Speed Theory is more than a shopping stop -- it is an experience.  You know that feeling during race package pick-up?  That excited feeling paired with the camaraderie of fellow athletes?  This is the vibe at Speed Theory in Calgary.

Check out their website at

Even better -- go see them in person at 735A 10th Ave SW in Calgary, AB.