Friday, January 21, 2011

Swim Camp Follow-up

Over the years I have noticed that following a swim camp (or any camp for that matter) athletes are often left with a high level of motivation and generally tend to feel inspired (i hope!) and are ready to make good on what was learned. The trouble lies in the follow up, when we go back to our normal lives and responsibilities and tend to let go of what was learned and go back to our old habits, including poor swim technique.

In the days following the camp, Clint put together a series of video clips for one of his athletes to help keep her on track. I thought everyone could benefit from his work, so here goes:

It all starts with a great clip of Thorpe. You can see where his hand enters the water very clearly.

Here's one of Phelps. In this clip Michael is clearly extending well behind his head before he enters HOWEVER he's going so fast that he incorporates a beat of glide before he catches. This gives the illusion that he pushing his arm through the water. If a slower swimmer (say over 1:30 per hundred at a minimum) were to try this technique they would begin to sink before they started their catch. This highlights one of the many reasons we dont recommend taking our cues from Olympic 100m freestylers! We mortals can't possibly emulate them!

Here's Popov
Super slow - very clear:

Here's a guy who is NOT Phelps, Thorpe or any other gold medalist:
Perfect: note how he exits the water at his hip. One of my favorite clips.

This is EXCELLENT as well (its Jodie Swallow!) - also from - great site!
He even talks about getting rid of the dead spots at the front of the stroke - he's talking about the glide.

Enjoy and keep working!!