Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Phat Camp

Dear Mercury Rising Athletes,

Due to blondness, mommy-brain and various other factors outside our control, there was some confusion as to the actual dates for the camp in Penticton in July. Having found our marbles, the final dates are as follows:

Saturday July 17th- Saturday July 24th.

Time will be allotted for travel to Penticton on Saturday the 17th and also to travel home on the 24th.

Also, a niggling feeling that the word "ghetto" was perhaps not completely PC, lead us to Wikipedia where we learned that "ghetto" actually refers the places in Europe where the Jews lived before the concentration camps. We have therefore decided to change the official name of the camp to "Phat Camp". That's right yo.

Also, at last year's camp, one of our campers was asked if she was collecting for underprivileged children because of the use of the word "ghetto" on her sweatshirt!! (the fact that she was collecting bottles all week may have been a factor also).

In any case, the camp is now called Phat Camp, get used to it people!


  1. I would have actually gotten farther ahead dollar wise, if I had just lied and said "Yeah, how much would you like to donate?" ;)

  2. And yes, I still collect bottles.... LOL!!!!

  3. Finally someone is sending me to Phat camp for the summer!!!!