Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Silverman and Jingle Bells

Todd Graham met his match at the Silverman Iron Distance Triathlon over the weekend. A momentous occasion - not only did Todd take 15th/45 in his age group, but it was the first time I have heard Todd use the phrase "I am tired." Apparently it takes one of the toughest Iron Distance courses out there, less than 2 months after Ironman Canada, a windy & hot day, killer tarantulas, and a series of flats to finally tire this boy out. He dug deep to get through it and now will be taking a well deserved rest...right, Todd?!

While her husband was battling the desert, Shana Graham raced her way to a PB at the Jingle Bell 10k Run in Regina over the weekend. Congrats, Shana!!

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  1. Way to go Todd! What an amazing time you pulled off what with all the obstacles you encountered -- HOLY CRAP!!! Way to go!!