Wednesday, April 13, 2011

100 x 100: The details

Every so often I get an email from one of my most hardcore athletes (lets call her "T" or "thepfactor" or "swagger girl") requesting an epic 10k swim set of 100x 100m. I love these kind of epic challenges myself, so of course, I can't say no. This time we decided that maybe she should lead the charge and recruit some company, since its good Friday and all. What better way to celebrate than to suffer?

The set will be as follows:

10x 10x 100m w10s rest.
1min rest between sets of 10.
Odd sets swim
Evens pull or pull/paddles.
The goal: to hold your pace for all 100!

Tessa will meet you poolside at the Talisman Center in Calgary at 8.20am for an 8.30 start. I suspect she has some words of wisdom to impart (she has done this set many times) and some pacing and nutrition strategies!! Bring enough calories to get you through the 3-3.5 hours.

Faster swimmers could come a little later so you all finish together.

There will likely be some celebratory post-swim feasting for those who have time and I am assured the bread will be leaven!

Email Tessa if you have any questions or just show up. Hope you all have a blast and wish I could be there.

Also, if anyone would like to lead the charge on a Vancouver, Victoria or Ontario version of the event, let us know!!

Tessa's email:


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