Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ironman Canada 2011- Coach Sara's Report

The Mercury gang were out in full force at IMC this year. It was so fun to see so many athletes in team kit and spectators in T-shirts. If you include Clint's "four horsemen" from Island Triathlon, we had over 20 athletes racing. Fantastic.

Having reduced my coaching load after Rosalee was born, i personally had only 2 girls out there racing, but 2 special girls they are.

First up, Tessa P. (or whatever her name is ;). I have been coaching Tessa for many years and have never seen her as excited as after IMC this year! And she had something to be excited about since she went close to 2h faster than her last attempt in 2009. We are getting closer to her potential for sure.

And then there's Julie. Julie swam and biked a pb, despite the choppy and windy conditions. She finally succumbed to some nutritional problems on the run, but for Julie, there are only good races and learning races and combinations of the two. Julie's own race report can be found here:

I feel very lucky to be on this journey with these two women. Thanks guys and well done.

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  1. Ah yes, the good ole "hold the belly and maybe the vomit won't come out" shot. Gotta love it! LOL.

    Tessa as always looks so cool. I should hire her as an image consultant. Hee-hee!