Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mercury Rising takes Shawnigan!

Congrats to ALL Mercury Rising athletes who took part in the Shawnigan Lake Triathlon festival! Rachel Keirs took the overall win in the Half Iron while Miranda Aldritt came 3rd!! Jeremy Hopwood had a breakthrough performance with his 4:20:29, which secured him a 5th place over all!
While in the Olympic event, Luke Gillmer got a 4th overall. Kerry Enick set a PB in the sprint race, and Tisha did the same in the Olympic! Julie Anderson finished 3rd in her age group in the Half Iron, John Mykytchuk won his age group AND Nick Doulias smashed his previous PB with a finishing time of 5h20. Amazing results for all!

Think that's a lot? Elsewhere, Jenna ran a PB for the half marathon, and Carolyn did the same over 10k! Also, Victoria Camp participant Todd Graham ran a pb at the Calgary marathon after a hard week of intense camp training!!

Congrats to all. The season has well and truly started.

Miranda Alldritt takes 3rd. It was a COLD day out there!!

The Champion with the coaches.

Janet Neilson (silver), Rachel Keirs and Miranda Alldritt

Jeremy Hopwood is 2nd in his AG and 5th overall.

Luke Gillmer (left) wins his age group while fellow VELCA swimmer Steven Hewitt. Steven came 3rd in the AG after getting a flat - returning to transition, fixing it and heading out again. That's character!!

Some one is happy to finish the race!!

Swimming in Thetis Lake during the Spring Ahead and Race Camp

Nick happy to be in the open water!

Todd Graham ran a 3h26 marathon just 2 days later!

John Mykytchuk enters T1 on his way to the podium.

Kerry sprints to the finish line!

Tisha, happy its over on a cold day.

Nick is racing in a new league!!

Coaches Carrie and Sara with the boys...While Ryan ponders the meaning of life.

Great Weekend everyone!!

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