Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Wet Weekend of Racing (in some places)

So this past weekend a number of MRT athletes saw action.
The Oak Bay Kool 1/2 marathon was on the calendar and the Mercury team was well represented.
Jeremy Hopwood, Rachel Kiers and my lovely wife, Sara Gross were all signed up. Alison Dickson and Steffen Hagen also toed the line - and a wet line it was! The rains were coming down hard but everyone had an outstanding race. Rachel was first in her age group with a 1:28:36 - a strong run! Jeremy - coming off a new addition to the family less than three months ago, managed to come in 7th overall with a time of 1:18:26. Great run Jeremy - and trust me when I say, he's not as lean as I've seen him in the past. When he loses the last few pounds of baby fat, he's gonna be ripping up the road! Ali Dickson just keeps PBing 1:45:41 - 6th in her age group. Steffen Hagen ran 1:36:24 - 6th in his age group. Not bad. Both Ali and Steffen spent about half a day on their bikes the day before the race!!
Sara just gets stronger every day. She pulled off a 1:23:17. Good for 2nd over all! She's ready for IM Brazil!! Rosalee was very proud of her.
In the interior there was an Olympic tri going on - the Oliver Oly, and MRT's Jennifer Mansell was there. She ended up 4th in her age group. The exciting thing about this result was her run time. She did the run in about the same time as last year - this is exciting because we've been doing less volume and no speed work - yet maintaining the same speed - and with NO Achilles pain that was the bane of her training existence! It's very encouraging and bodes well for her Ironman this year.
Over in Edmonton MRT's Elissa Papp was laying it down at the Spring Thaw Sprint Triathlon! She had a great all around race and finished 4th over all and 2nd in her age group. I'm very proud of Elissa. She had many challenges this year and has kept her nose to the ground!
Last and certainly not least is our favorite son - Luke Gillmer. He was racing in his club championships in Australia. He was the 2nd Age grouper in the club - he trains with a STRONG group! Well done Luke! We're all looking forward to seeing him tear it up in the Cairns 70.3 on June 5th!
Another great weekend for Mercury Rising!

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