Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heather Hits Idaho.

A valuable skill for any triathlete is to have the ability to stay positive and focused despite things not going as you had intended. Heather Myers demonstrated her ability to do just that, at Ironman Coeur D'Alene last weekend. Despite feeling off her game at the start of June, she attempted to race the Oliver half, and was unable to make it to the finish line. A trip to the doctor revealed she'd been fighting a pretty bad infection that had been kicking around for awhile from a root canal, and she was prescribed a variety of things, including complete rest for the weeks leading into the race. That alone would discourage many from toeing the start-line. Despite having to substitute some of her biggest training weeks with rest, Heather committed to starting and finishing the race, and held on to those goals, crossing the finish line just 2 minutes after midnight. And she was still smiling when she crossed the finish line! Congratulations, Heather!

“Looking back now I am amazed had how strong I was thru out the day. I could have pulled the plugged at anytime, but I choose to see it thru no matter what the end result would be. At the end of the day I knew that I was a Ironman no matter what the time would reflect. I did my best for the conditions and the health I was in….I still covered the distance ……and I still am a 3 time ironman. I earned every minute of this race.” - Heather Myers

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