Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A nice start to June...

Patty Infusino was up against an old demon at this past weekend's Oliver Half Ironman. Despite her day not going exactly as planned, she's using it as a learning opportunity, and STILL managed to take 6th place in her age group. Good job, Patty!

Three of MRT's athletes made the trek to Kona for the Hawaii 70.3. Despite having some delays on the bike (ie, a questionable drafting penalty, a blowing the tire off his wheel, riding the rim into a ditch), "Mr. Positivity" (aka Todd Graham) kept his head in the game, battled the heat and went on to have a solid race, finishing in 5:20. His wife, Shana Graham, took her new ride to a pb, crossing the line just after 6:00. Way to go, Shana!! Next up for the Grahams is Ironman Switzerland. And finally, in her first big race back from a maternity/medical hiatus, AND after enduring a week-long training camp in the heat and winds of Hawaii, Tanya Kingwell took home a personal best time, crossing the line at 6:13. Watch for more great things to come from this girl this year!!

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