Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great White North- Sara's Report

Last weekend was one of my best coaching weekends to date. Thank you to Kendall, Tessa and Julie for making that happen.

Most of my athletes have been with me for 3 or 4 years, i know them well, they know me, and i have to be on my toes to make sure they keep improving. We all hit plateaus in our training before moving to another performance level. These girls really are moving up!

Here are the details:

Kendall: Before the race, Kendall told me she didn't feel ready (do we ever?). I reassured her that she was and hoped that her consistency would pay off. It did. The outcome: Despite herself, Kendall managed a PB and went over 10mins faster than previously on the same course; 5h14. Nice.

Tessa: I knew Tessa was fitter than she has ever been, but i didnt realize she was that fit! A 20min improvement on the GWN course since 2009. Now that is impressive. This girl is coming into her own. The outcome: 5h35

Julie: This girl works just about as hard as she can. And as a coach, it has been a challenge to find out exactly what kind of workload Julie responds best to. Well folks, we found it! The new and improved Julie is taking this season by storm, with a win at the Elkford Sprint, a top 10 overall at Wasa Lake and now... drumroll.... a sub-5 half at GWN!! What a performance! The outcome: 4h58

I want to say thank you to the small handful of girls and guys who have stuck it out with me over the last few years. What a journey. Days like these make it all worthwhile!

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