Tuesday, July 19, 2011

P-town Run Drills

Coach Rachel reporting:

We had a great week here in Penticton, swim-bike-running and more.
We did a run drills session with the awesome Speed Theory boys and as promised here are some of the best links for run and run specific strength drills we practiced.

Check out Jerry Ziac in Vanrunnings videos on youtube, filmed by fellow MRT athlete and run coach Jeremy Hopwood:

Mobility Drills Part 1

Part II



Another drill I didn't share with you, you can do at home. It's one of my favourites. You start out like you'll do a stride, but instead of simply building speed, you start out with poor form. Maybe you start with your head down, shoulders hunched forward, arms dangling at your sides, hips too far back, stride too long. Begin running slowly and start at your feet, pick up your cadence, bring your hips inline with you ankles and shoulders, bring shoulders back, put a bend in your elbows and use them and bring your chin up, vision line to 30m ahead. As you do so pick up your speed and emerge from poor form to perfect form and increased speed.
You can do this a couple of times and each time focus on a different aspect, if you like.

Other run drills ideas:
walking on heels, tip toes, toes in, toes out.
skipping with or without a rope
cross overs
and more!

Feel free to post any questions or comment with drills you like to include or others I failed to list.

It's been a wonderful week and I know all the campers are eager to keep up the training and will race well this season. We have some keen and talented folks in our group!


Happy training and DO YOUR DRILLS!!! :)

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  1. Lorraine took these notes during the session!
    These are great to jot down and take with you for your workout.
    Thanks Lorraine!

    Leg swings
    - In front side to side
    - Back and forth
    - Donkey kicks

    Lite jog
    Then little hops trying to keep vertical height low but same cadence

    Crossovers really bringing knee over the front

    1-high knees really keeping foot in line as u do in running not out front

    2- butt kick

    3- is high knees but more cycling out front

    4- is horse kick really focus on the down stroke

    Don't stop foot at back think of it as cycling thru. High cadence. Go faster from mechanics not from sprinting

    Hurdle strides front and back

    After workout strength routine:
    1. Drop squat- ballistic drop to 45 degrees and catch. 2 sets of 15 building up 25

    2. Single leg squat 15 build up to 25

    3. Bent leg torso twist 10-15 each leg

    4. Extend leg back straight keep core strong

    5. Touchdown straight leg with same arm

    6. Walking lunges with rear kick

    7. Heel drops-ballistic drop and catch coming back to neutral