Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coach Carrie's IMC Report

Arriving in Penticton at the last moment, i had just enough time to see each of my athletes the day before the race. Though nervous, they had each trained hard all year and were ready to rock.

And rock they did.

A 2 hour improvement at Ironman is not an easy thing to accomplish, but Shana Graham's consistency in training this year saw her making these types of improvements at almost every race she entered. To go from a crash on the bike in mid-July, to the horrible bike conditions on race day, make her enormous time improvement even more of an accomplishment!! Way to go, Shana!

Another race, another personal best for Todd Graham! Having performed well at IMC last year, Todd was hoping to do even better this year. Weeks of very limited run training due to injury left the marathon as a big question mark leading in to the race, but Todd held on and managed to shave 40 minutes off his time, crossing the line at 11:28, and beating his goal time by more than half an hour. It must have been the energy he got from stopping to kiss the baby...?

Its not often you hear someone say "that was so much fun!" when they cross the finish line at Ironman. But Tisha's positive energy was evident to any one watching her race on Sunday. From her jubilant waves on the bike, singing and dancing on the run, and an ear-to-ear grin at the finish line. As someone who often puts the needs of others ahead of her own, Tisha's journey to the start line was filled with many personal challenges, not to mention some nagging injuries, but with her determination and dedication, she conquered these obstacles and had "the best day ever"!! What better way to end a very successful season, by completing her first Ironman in 13:50.

Thanks for making it all worthwhile!


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