Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coach Michelle's IMC Report

It's quite simple: Train consistently with a good attitude and you are going to finish your finish your first Ironman!

Lana- Lana went into her second Ironman with a few more nerves than the first, not because she was worried about finishing, but because she was now aware that racing an Ironman would entail a long, hard day! And what a day it was! She managed to take 7mins off her swim time from last year and 23 min off her run time. At the beginning of the year Lana told me that she really wanted to enjoy running because it was such a struggle last year. So this was our focus in 2010 and it really paid off. A lot of people who see this 55 year-old running wouldn't even know she had an artificial leg! The bike was a little challenging this year as she appeared to have caught a bug in the few days before the race which had her stopping at almost every outhouse on the bike course, with a 20min wait at the top of Ricter Pass. This wouldn't stop Lana Spreeman, she was determined to finish what she started, and that she did! Way to go Lana!!!

Jamilla- Lets just cut to the chase here... Jamilla has been telling everyone that she just wanted to finish her first Ironman under 17 hrs and instead she finished in under 13 hrs. Her final time was 12:55, despite struggling with an old ankle injury which limited her long runs for the last few training blocks leading up to the race. She even ran a 4:45 with little or no pain. This girl is the epitome of consistent, rarely missing a session and always keeping a positive attitude through 20+ hr training weeks on top of running a chiropractic clinic! I should also mention that she swam 1:07 and not once in the whole day did she lose momentum! This is just a taste of what's to come for this athlete! So proud of you Jamilla!

Laura- Well... Laura got off the couch, off the streets, off the drugs and off the donuts and finished Ironman- what else can I say? Laura struggles with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, characterized by memory loss, unrealistic goal setting, inability to focus, concentrate or feel accepted. She also has trouble with reading, writing and comprehension. None of this stopped this girl. She did the work, followed the plan, ate and drank what she was told to eat and drink on the day, and didn't stop running. The outcome was beautiful...not to mention the best sprint finish ever recorded in Ironman history! Laura finished under 16 hrs with consistent energy and a smile on her face all day. This girl is a true inspiration in overcoming adversity! Though this is Laura's first Ironman, we know it will not be her last!

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