Thursday, November 17, 2011

100 x 100ms....




Coming soon to a Calgary pool near you...(word has it, next week) A group of nut-minded swimmers and triathletes take on the challenge of swimming 100 x 100ms. Why are they doing this? Because they can!

For your reading pleasure, here is an account of last year's epic session seen through the eyes of a 14 year old girl, Niki Carrasco (niece to MRT athlete Tessa P.):

So, whats the result of nine brave swimmers? Sore butts, puffy hands, rubber ducky families and hot goggle dents on your face would be the answer. When there are groggy and apprehensive people put together about to swim 10km there are bound to be some jitters. The best way to cure these nerves, other than telling them they don’t have to swim anymore, would be pancakes and fruit kabobs! And that’s just what was presented to the eight companions- Keith Cartmell, Lisa Walsh, Kari Strutt, Mary Jessey, Leanne Sherman, Lisa Isley, Kendall Pritchard and Maria Susnjar!

I was sitting poolside with nothing to do for a few hours. Looking back at it now though, I see how difficult it must have been. I mean, if I was asked to swim even 1km I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it. Okay, I wouldn’t have even been able to keep myself afloat, but that doesn’t matter. Everyone had a strong mind set and didn’t give up. I was originally at Talisman to be a live lap counter. And that’s what I did. For - I would say - 2.5 hrs. Leanne was lucky enough to have her water MP3 with her to keep her company underwater. I did have some fun counting laps for Mary, and it also kept me awake. For all the swimmers at the meet it was smooth sailing- or swimming?

I have no idea why someone would VOLUNTEER themselves to go through what I witnessed on Friday, but... I don’t know. Why would someone do that?! Okay, fine! It’s actually really great to get that training and discipline into your system. And personally, I would do it just to sweat - sweating is fantastic for your skin! Although, do you sweat when you're underwater, you're already wet..? Any how it was fun to get out and see everyone at the meet and to be honest I wouldn’t have done anything in the time I was at the pool anyways! Mary and Kari, the full 10km finishers now have something special to remember that day (and me!). The two got little rubber ducky families. Yes, families. Dare I say, to have a celebratory swim with? Nahh, I don’t think anyone will be submersing themselves in water for a while - especially after Friday.

Now, if given the chance to go to another 10km swim meet, would I go? Sorry, no thanks...

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