Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She Did it!!!

Sara not only completed Ironman Cozumel -- she rocked the course and placed 6th overall female!

To recap...

MRT professional triathlete Sara Gross raced TWO Ironman races a mere 7 days apart and placed in the top ten at both of them!

Ironman Arizona: 8th Female Pro
Ironman Cozumel: 6th Female Pro

Looking at her splits, it's hard not to be awe-struck...

IMAz: 9:18:03
Swim: 54:09
Bike: 5:11:34
Run: 3:07:52

IMCoz: 9:56:29
Swim: 54:44
Bike: 5:38:29
Run: 3:18:18

The run splits alone are a testament to her high level of fitness...can you imagine clocking stand-alone marathon times that good a week apart? And one year after giving birth!

We are all excited with Sara's results!!

Next up, will be Sara's race report and her thoughts on "doing the double."

Congratulations Sara!!

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