Friday, November 4, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight -- Panther Sports Medicine

Why train in pain?

Panther Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres ( is a physical therapist owned and operated rehabilitation company. They are a network of 6 rehabilitation centres located throughout the city of Calgary that offer a wide range of programs and specialized services to help their patients restore and maximize their physical capabilities.

Along with their emphasis on orthopaedic, sports, and work related rehabilitation, they also offer specialized services including spinal rehabilitation, vestibular therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, intra muscular stimulation (IMS) cranio-sacral therapy, orthotics, and custom braces.

Their team of highly trained professionals and dedicated support staff are committed to providing clinical excellence and exceptional customer service. Patients receive individualized rehabilitation with innovative, effective treatment techniques.

This past year, Panther Sports Medicine helped out a number of our athletes -- their physiotherapists taught us how to tape our feet and avoid future injury with a personalized stretching/strengthening regime. They also played an important role in getting 4 of our athletes to the Ironman World Championships in Kona healthy and ready to race!

Panther Sports Medicine physiotherapists are meticulous and thorough -- they take into account the specific training an athlete dose and the bio-mechanical demands on his/her body. For example, an Olympic/Sprint distance triathlete has different training and loading than a half-iron or full-iron distance athlete. And a hockey player has decidedly different training demands than a basketball player.

In any sport, the body naturally adapts to training loads and grows stronger. But sometimes, despite sufficient recovery and adequate nutrition, an athlete will still experience pain or suffer an injury. This can be incredibly frustrating for the athlete who is doing every "right" but is still suffering.

Most injuries have their roots in the spine, and the spine is like the control centre of the body -- even a small problem can be traced back there. Like the CPU of your computer, if it is busted, the physiotherapists at Panther Sports Medicine can take you apart and find out what is broken.

Take the leap to good health!


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